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Gunite Finish Supply  
3 Holly Ln.  
Hudson, NH 03051  

Gunite Pool Construction

The process of a gunite pool construction.


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We here at "Gunite Pools & Spas of NH" offer the best products for the completion of your family pool - with a warranty program unlike any other.

First, the homeowner and contractor completes the contract and a permit is in hand. 

Note: We provide a lot of details and specifics in our contracts to help minimize any conflicts that may arise during the construction phase.  We welcome any questions.




Layout and escavation.


Escavation complete, gravel installed for pool floor shaping.


Install 1/2" and 3/8" steel rebar cage; install short plumbing, skimmers, returns,
main drains, lighting, fixtures, grounding wire, and any other related pool fixtures.


Ready for gunite placement.


Gunite placement, trimming.


Install 6 inch tile line and plumbing line.


Install decking.


Gunite Finish Supply - 3 Holly Ln. Hudson, NH 03051

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