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Definition of, Cope-Stone: The top stone of a wall. A stone used in a coping.

Coping; The top layer of a masonary wall, usually sloped to carry off water.

Hence, Precast Coping, Brick, Natural Stone, Bluestone, Etc.

We also Provide Templateing for BlueStone and Granite Copings supplied and installed.

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Pool Sample 1
Pool Sample 1
Pool Sample 1
Pool Sample 1
Pool Sample 1

  • New pool plaster startup procedures
  • Daily water chemistry and maintenance
  • Re-plaster preparation

    A coating of material approx. 1/4 "- 1/2" in thickness, that is applied over the GUNITE SHELL. Providing a water tight seal.


    Is a marble based mix and has been around since the 1960's and is still being used to this day. Along with some additives that have been introduced to help prolong the life of the marble based material. When it comes to plaster damage keeping the water chemistry stable is the key to a long lasting plaster finish. Because it's a man made product, plaster isn't without it's problems. Because of the nature of cementitious products. Some problems- such as crazing, fading, and or mottling are unavoidable. With the proper know-how many problems can be avoided. This is the weakest of all Pool Plasters available to the Homeowner, and commercial pool owners.

There are hundreds of tile to choose from. All tiles are Frost Proff and Acid Resistant. All tiles are subject to shade variation due to lt dye, and inherent in all Kiln-fired ceramics.

Click on: Pool Tile Selection  to view the tiles we use on new and pool renovations, then choose the category desired.

Commercial / Residental

We are a direct source for gunite pool repair. We complete many pool renovations every year with quality workmanship with products that will last many years. We provide honest quality bids, with detailed scope of work to be performed. Although Most pool repair is basic to most repair needs. We welcome a challenge of the more difficult repair needs. We offer great warranty on all pool repairs.

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Gunite Finish Supply - 3 Holly Ln. Hudson, NH 03051

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